Defiant Unfanciness.

“Just as daring as Abstract Table’s defiant unfanciness is its fare. Consider — from the autumn menu — beef cheek with edamame purée, tamari onion, and sake glaze. Or ocean trout with arugula nage, pickled grilled cucumber, and coconut.”

oakland Magazine



“The snowstorm winds down with maple-y candy cap ice cream snow atop birch-smoked whisky profiterole with candy cap creme anglaise. Profiteroles! It’s probably been awhile since you tasted a cream puff this elegant.”

sf weekly


On First Blush.

“On first blush, the dishes presented on paper offered little surprise from a visual perspective. But in eating the food, the complexity and sophistication were showcased in the technique used to cook the food and the unique combination of flavors, like a charcoal roasted beet that was served with a furikake granola and fish caramel."




Back to Basics.

"“We wanted to work for ourselves, to find a way to work together, not under the umbrella of someone else,” Greene says. “It was about starting small and trying to be humble and build something organically—the idea of getting back to basics, of being artists without all of the things that get in the way…”"

diablo Magazine


Everything as Art.

““We look at everything as a piece of art, whether it’s food or drawing,” Kwitkor added."”

eater sf


Elegant but Not Pretentious.

“Greene and Kwitkor have, for this season at least, crafted a tasting menu that feels unique and elegant but not pretentious, a way for curious diners to explore haute cuisine without feeling like they’re mortgaging the house to pay the bill.”

mercury news